It’s a challenge when you don’t know how to properly hire the right roofer. Your house is everything to you and your family. Fixing your roof and making sure to get adequate repairs is important. Leaks can happen at any moment. You’ll have to call in a professional to handle the work. Never consider hopping on top of your house and doing it yourself. Roofing is dangerous, and it’s only for those who are trained. Consider this list when hiring your next roofer.


Find a company or contractor who has a stellar reputation in the community. The internet is a helpful tool as you can read a lot of customer reviews. People share just about anything nowadays online when it comes to service. Read them carefully so you can determine how they rate the roofer or business you have in mind of hiring. Reputation is everything as it assures the customer they are getting an expert to do the roofing repair on their home. Customers who praise a contractor is probably the person to consider. However, call them before you make your final decision.


Get an estimate from the roofer when they’ve done a walk-through for your home. This is important as it lets you know about all the costs. Estimates are standard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It must be written on professional business paper directly from the company. Don’t accept anything you can’t read or understand. Ask as many questions about the estimate as you want. The goal for the estimate is to use it against other quotes you might get so you can compare prices. Estimates are also free. Never pay for one, and if prompted to do so, pick another roofer. 


It’s complicated enough trying to understand how roof repair works, which is why you need a roofer who communicates well. These are contractors or a roofing company that has years of experience, and can break down complicated roof repair in layman terms. Most customers might not understand all of the industry terminology. Any roofing contractor who speaks over the customer’s head will lose them in communication. Ask them to try to explain the entire job so if makes sense. This way when the process starts your in the loop, and not lost about what’s going on.

Customer Service

Ever call a business and the customer service is terrible? This is the first contact and impression a customer will leave with. When looking for your roofing contractor, make sure their business customer service is on par. This means they treat their customers with respect, and are willing to answer all of your questions. Great customer service goes a long way. People respond to kindness and roofers who are eager to help. If you run into bad customer service, it might mean their work isn’t as great either. It’s best to move on, and find another business that’s more to your liking.

Happy Clients

Find out if the business or contractor has a lot of happy clients. Are there customer quotes on their website raving about their work? Do you hear their name mentioned in your community when looking around for a roofer? Happy clients are always willing to share and tell someone where they found their roofers. Hearing from happy clients can reduce your search for the next contractor needed for your home. You can also find out about these types of clients from reading online reviews. Most people don’t hold back when they’ve had a great experience. 

These are things to consider when hiring your next roofer. Think about their reputation in the community. Read online reviews to get an idea of what people think of their work. Read the bad statements as well. Look at the business’s website to learn what work they’ve done to maintain their reputation. Get a free estimate that details all of the work needed to be done. Use it so you can compare it with other businesses who do roofing repair. Never allow anyone to charge you for an estimate. Pick the roofer who communicates well. This ensures that you won’t get lost in the entire job. Customer service should always be stellar and welcoming. Listen to what happy clients are saying about their past contractors. They could lead you to the person you might work with for the next few years. Happy clients means the business is doing something right. Discover them online through their lengthy reviews. Most will leave a detailed story about why they like a specific roofing business.